5 Gorgeous Styles for this Wedding Season

We all know that finding the perfect look for different types of weddings can be draining. Do you go with the more formal look? The more casual? Do you just give up and show up in your pj’s? Kidding – but seriously, when you’re going to five plus weddings in one summer between your family, your boyfriend/husband’s peeps, or your own bestie’s bash it can be tough to pick the best piece for each event. However, we have you covered here with five wedding themes and five styles to wear to each type!

#1 – Black Tie

The Tessa Maxi Dress



For a black tie style wedding go with a classic gown. They’re formal, chic, and they make a major statement. The stunning hew of the Agnes gown will have you looking elegant but bold all night long.

#2 Beach

The Willa Maxi Dress


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For a beach wedding opt for a nautical look with a blue and white stripped pattern. This piece can be paired with sandals or espadrilles, a straw hat and bag, and gold jewelry for a beach goddess vibe.

#3 Bohemian

The Electric Love Maxi Dress


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Free love, free bird, free spirit – you want to embrace your flower child side with your look for a bohemian style wedding. This piece is perfect for this with its’ tapestry style pattern and gorgeous colors. La Vie Boheme!

#4 Tropical

The Tiare Maxi Dress



Whether its’ a plane ride away to Mexico or you’re lucky enough to live in a place where there’s palm trees, this maxi is a gorgeous style for a tropical wedding. The bright orange, floral print and the halter top tie give it the ultimate tropic flair.

#5 Traditional

The Aurie Sequin Dress


split_theme_eaa8e7d2AURIE_030_960x split_theme_cf5c2235AURIE_066_1_960x (1)

When it comes to a traditional wedding you can’t go wrong with a classic cocktail dress. This champagne dress is sure to impress with its’ gold accents and ruffled style. Now you just need a bottle of bubbly to go with it – pop, fizz, clink!

Making wedding season easier, one hot look at a time!

XO, LIT Boutique

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