5 Staple Pieces Every Woman Should Have

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We’re marking everything in our sale section 60% off for a last grab sale!

What is a last minute grab for sale you ask? It’s one more chance at getting that item you previously debated on. We’re on your side lit babes… let’s make decision making few and far between. Time and money are precious… so let’s save it. How you ask? Four words:

S t a p l e.   P i e c e s.   O n.   S a l e.

Here are some of our favorite staple pieces and effortless, time-saving ways to wear them. See, told you we’re on your side. And besides, a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

Little Black Dress

with detail.


A classic staple that will forever remain. However, the lack of color and use of other pieces means you need something reliant. A little black dress is a must. But a little black dress with details is an absolute necessity. Let the dress do all the work!



Nothing says ‘pleasant’ and ‘summer’ like a gingham piece. From crop tops to scarves… this trend has made its way back, and to stay. A classic staple that does all the work and should remain perched up in the closet.

Plaid Fad


Except this fad was made to last. This staple piece speaks for itself. Summer? A fedora and sandals. Fall? A pair of leggings and booties. Bam.

White Button Up7252527

A white button up with cuffed sleeves are a must-have. Start here and create your look… add a blazer for work, or a boyfriend denim for lunch with the girls. As for school, go complete Waldorf style with a skirt and neckerchief.

Trendy Sneakskaanas_1_1

Two words: modern minimalism. For the first time ever, trendy sneakers are taking the lead in popularity and retail sales over high heels. Comfy is the new chic. Wear with jeans and a basic tee to really complete the minimalist look.

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