Bacio 61

Bacio61 (BAH-Cho)

Translaction: kiss61
bacio61 bridges sophistication and indigenous influence from Maurizio’s travels around the world. He collects treasures, tokens, spices and images that inspire him. At his studio on Padova, Italy, Maurizio connects these individual strands to create the bacio61 line, while incorpoarting his own handcrafted twist. The collection is a blend of cultural experiences, never reflection one tribe or one country but rather, a string of experiences. 
Created from the finest materials and unique embellishments, bacio61’s details include a sophisticated combination of organic elements merged with modern influences. This pairing of nature and luxury is a direct connection to Maurizio’s love of travel and architecture. The collection’s palette includes the neutral tones of sand and stone, splashed with bits of orange, coral and turquoise that is reminiscent of the tropics and waters of the clear blue Mediterranean coast. 

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