Bitchstix: The Must Have New Arrival

Say hello to Bitchstix. The new arrival that you have to add to your collection. They are easy and fast for application, are super organic, and are for a good cause! BITCHSTIX easy

Bitchstix are perfectly healthy for you and the environment. Also, check out how they contribute to the fight against domestic abuse.

Bitchstix uses the re-appropriation of the word “bitch” to subvert the use of the word as a tool of oppression into the opportunity for empowerment. ImpactLocal allows the retailer of Bitchstix to nominate a domestic violence and/or sexual assault prevention program in their community. So not only are you buying an awesome and effective product, you are also making a difference in local communities with your purchase.


What Bitchstix do we carry?

(Suprise, it is all of them)

Every SPF Bitchstix including:

Green Tea SPF

Vegan Pomegranate SPF

Lemon Twist SPF

Citrus Orange SPF

Eucalyptus Mint SPF

Original SPF

Big Bitchstix SPF

spf collectiom


Anti-Chafe Bitchstix

anti chafe


Muscle Rub Bitchstix

muscle rub

Coco Butter Bitchstix

coco butter

Shop them now!

XOXO, The Lit Fam

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