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Born in the USA: Groceries Apparel is Here to Stay


Ever wonder how your clothing is made or where it comes from? These days consumers are becoming more and more concerned about where their purchased products are coming from, how they are made, and what they are made of. There has been a grassroots movement in the clothing industry to support local, USA-made clothing not only to stimulate local economies but also for ethical reasons. Brands such as American Giant, Genetic Los Angeles, and Buck Mason have all found the wonderful niche clothing community that combines both modern American style with holistic approaches.


If there’s one designer clothing company to represent the entire movement, it’s Groceries Apparel. Groceries Apparel operates out of their spacious, state-of-the-art Los Angeles clothing factory where they are an equal opportunity employer providing competitive industry wages. The goal of this clothing brand is to “minimize redundancy, waste, and [their] carbon footprint” — which means better consumer product prices and less harm to the environment. The company is so efficient, in fact, that they can produce a new line of products from drawing board to shipment in just two weeks!

What makes Groceries Apparel unique is the use of 100% recycled and organic ingredients in their clothing. They work with local California and USA-based farmers where the GMO-free, pesticide-free and herbicide free cotton, eucalyptus, and hemp is harvested and shipped directly to their LA-based clothing factory. Part of their organic ingredient list also includes their clothing dyes which are extracted from plants, flowers, roots, bark, and even minerals. Their Dyed By Nature clothing line launched back in 2016 and is still one of the most popular categories on the site.

Seed to Skin

They also cut costs by using recycled materials such as recycled plastics, cotton, and linen in an effort to reduce waste and reduce their carbon footprint. Their Seed to Skin campaign is one of the most intricate and transparent ways for their vendors and customers to see the entire product development process as well as to ensure that their values are holistic and ethical. Overall, Groceries Apparel sets the bar high when it comes to USA-made, organic clothing.

Although 98% of the brand’s vendors are California-based, there are a few select clothing boutiques across the country that carry their amazing apparel — and LIT Boutique is proud to be one of them! Our goal at LIT Boutique is to provide unique, quality and trendy clothing for our customers that will set them apart from the crowd. We believe Groceries Apparel is a brand that offers our customers with chich and trends clothing options. Shop our selection from Groceries Apparel today at!


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