#LITbabe Poll: What are your favorite looks?

On an everlasting journey to perfect the #LITbabe experience, we’re turning to you for help.

‘Cause individuality is what makes us beautiful. And we want to make everyday bliss.

Imagine this: you’re having a mediocre day. Maybe you didn’t catch that train or you spilled coffee on your lap. We’ve all had days that make us look forward to the next. You open up your phone or laptop to ‘just look.’ But the first page you load you see something that you didn’t even know you were looking for. It was like this dress was specifically made for you and all the chaos in the digital and physical world vying for your attention simply cannot grasp it. This isn’t just retail therapy, which we all know is very real, this is bliss.

In search for these perfected fashion pieces that scream YOU, all our #LITbabes, we turn to your opinions, thoughts and comments on style. Are you a romper or dress kinda gal? We’re not Cambridge Analytica, we’re asking first, what styles do you want to see more of?

Take our poll & let’s make everyday bliss.

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