Casey Arnold to Run Boston Marathon for Dream Big!

Tears, pain, frustration, anxiety…. These are the adjectives Casey Arnold used to describe what it takes to train for the Boston Marathon. “Those low points however, compare nothing to the moments of victory, self-awareness and awe at the generosity and support of others,” said Casey.

A true inspiration to us all, Casey will be running her first marathon for Dream Big! — a cause that she feels so passionately about, and we couldn’t be more excited to support her.

LIT: What are your expectations for this year?casey

Casey: My time goal is 4 hours and 15 minutes, but honestly I just want to focus on finishing with a positive and proud attitude. Training alongside other Charity Runners has made me realize that there’s so much more to the Boston Marathon than hitting your PR. I want to finish remembering my purpose – fundraising and bringing awareness to Dream Big!’s amazing cause.

LIT: What do you wish to gain from this experience?

Casey: I wish to inspire others to set high goals and GO. FOR. IT! You learn so much about yourself when you do it and there truly is no better feeling than achieving something you once thought was unattainable. I also want to inspire others to run for a charity, no matter what distance you’re running for. There are so many incredible organizations in the Greater Boston area and they need your help. For Dream Big! for example, just $1,000 pays for new uniforms, equipment and training for an entire sports team. Isn’t that crazy?

About Dream Big!

The organization, Dream Big! provides opportunities for young girls in low-income situations to achieve their dreams. This includes participating in sports or anything that contributes to their health, education or overall well-being. “Regular participation in physical activity during childhood and adolescence promotes the development of positive body image, confidence, self-esteem and has been shown to improve academic performance and career success.” -Dream Big!

Women supporting women supporting the future of women… we love it! If you’d like to join us in supporting her cause, follow this link right here to donate! 

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