How Our New Arrival Changed the Game

Quay Blue Light Glasses:

A LIT New Arrival and How it Cured my Headaches

Getting chronic headaches is never fun. Ever since I was little, I found myself struggling with headaches at least twice a week. My headaches usually can be quickly combated with extra strength Tylenol or Advil during the earlier stages of the pain, but if I wait too long I am stuck with a pain that keeps me awake at late hours of the night. As social media became more prominent and an every day aspect of life, I quickly realized that being on my phone or looking at a screen for an extended period of time is a main factor that triggers my headaches. Sound familiar? Apparently, I am not the only one. Many people who suffer from headaches and eye straining pain are the victims of blue light that is emitted from screens. Great. Looking at screens is now our main way of life and I can’t even do it without getting a headache? How am I supposed to binge watch Netflix?! However, my dismay was short lived as our new arrival came into our LIT Boutique stores that caught my eye…the Quay Blue Light Glasses.


Blue Light Glasses in “I See You”

These literally AMAZING glasses are not only the absolute cutest, but they block harmful blue light from screens from hitting your eyes and causing straining or headaches. It is almost too good to be true. I had to try it out. We currently will be carrying two styles: I See You and Rumors. I quickly got my hands on the Rumors model in my office and just had to put them to the test.

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Blue light glasses in “Rumors”

I know. SO cute. As someone who has always wanted glasses and (embarrassingly) always dreamed of possibly buying those clear frames with no prescription purely for the *fashion*, it is exciting to finally have glasses with a purpose and look totally rad.


These glasses also come with an entire set of goodies that make the whole experience 100% better. Included with the blue light glasses are a cute af black case, lens wipers, a blue light key chain and a info card to test your glasses with. Before I went out to test the glasses for the day, I decided to use the kit Quay provided to really see the effects of the lenses. Here is a picture taken with the blue light key chain on the test card normally, with no interference:

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As you can see, the blue light shines pretty strongly onto the test card without the glasses interference. Imagine! That is what a computer, tv, or phone screen is doing to your eyes!

And then, get ready, below is the blue light through the lenses shining directly onto the test card.

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O.M.G. The light LITERALLY disappeared. That is INSANE. It 100% blocks out the harmful blue light…so it is for SURE going to work.

For the rest of the day, I decided to try the glasses out at work. Usually when 5:00pm rolls around, my eyes hurt and I am ready for an Advil, but this time around, my eyes felt totally fresh and there was not even a hint of a headache. Yes! Now I can actually binge Friends without regretting it with a headache later that day.

Girl, if you have ever struggled like me with headaches, you gotta pick up a pair. It is a total must have. You will be headache free and totally cute! What’s not to love?


Ellie from the LIT Fam

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