LIT Boutique Hanover Location to Welcome Gorjana


A LIT babe lives for golden moments, and one of those moments just so happens to be coming up this Saturday the 23rd. LIT babes work hard, so it’s only right to play a little from time to time, and we want you to join us! At our Hanover location from 11am to 5pm, Gorjana will be coming to showcase their most iconic designs inspired by the richness of gold. Not only will you be able to view and shop their beautifully crafted jewelry, but there will also be sparkling wine and a Gorjana bracelet given out to any LIT babe that spends $100 or more!

FullSizeRender (4)This Fall, All That Glitters is Gorjana Gold

As fall comes around and more layers pile on, do not forget about your connection to your jewelry box. Jewelry is the one category that can take any outfit from basic to Gigi Hadid. Add a bit of sparkle to your outfit and outshine the New York City skyline, it’s amazing what one necklace or a few bracelets can do to complete your outfit. Unlike many transient jewelry fads, Gorjana’s versatility allows each piece to be worn on various occasions, making it effortless to style throughout any season or outfit. These versatile qualities and light feels, aligned with the 18k plating that is consistently treasured in their designs, make each piece everlasting. Since Gorjana jewelry is intentionally designed to be layered… don’t stop at one necklace, pair a few pieces on your neck and absolutely slaughter your day. Give your coziest sweater a bit of glamour and show 2 Chainz what it’s like to one up him!

Set Yourself Up To ShineFullSizeRender

Strength, courage and confidence are just a few out of an abundance of qualities that a LIT babe possesses. Shop the genuine gem collection where every bracelet carries its own special meaning and is cleansed and set with positive intention. So when the LIT babe is having a LIT workload, we hope you feel a sense of empowerment as you glance down at your bracelet. Here at our boutique, we strive to provide a well-thought out mix of current fashion trend pieces for an affordable price, so that after you’ve completed your outfit with the right shoes and accessories, your wallet is still just as full as your heart.

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