Love Your Melon Cancer Awareness Collaboration

LIT x Love Your Melon Cancer Awareness Collab


LIT has teamed up with the Northeastern University chapter of Love Your Melon to bring a day of fashion fun into the lives of two young cancer survivors. How did this all go down? 


Let us give you the DL….


The Love Your Melon Campus Crew at Northeastern sent us an email that made us melt, and LIT couldn’t have been more ecstatic! In the email, we were briefly introduced to Molly Malone and Haley Ledbury, who both had a difficult battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma. But go ahead and take a breath of relief because they kicked cancer’s butt and are many months cancer free now!

So to raise awareness for pediatric cancer, we gave Love Your Melon the green light to tell the girls “HECK YES, LIT Boutique would be honored to give you a full styling and photoshoot!” We can’t imagine how it must feel to battle such a monster at such a young age, but we can bet it does nothing great for self esteem and confidence. So to grant Molly and Haley’s wish of looking and feeling #LITAF, we’re coming together on May 6th for a collaboration! Plus, to keep the LIT looks going, we’re giving both girls a $200 gift card!

What is Ewing’s Sarcoma?

As awesome as this all sounds, we do have to switch gears here and talk about Ewing’s Sarcoma because after all, the point is to bring this disease into the light and raise money to fund research so that one day we can find a better treatment or cure. Ewing’s Sarcoma is a rare cancerous tumor that grows in your bones or the tissue around your bones, and affects about 200 children and young adults a year. When you think about the 7 billion people in the world, this number is incredibly tiny but it could happen to any of us or any of our children. Problem is, we don’t know what causes Ewing’s Sarcoma since it isn’t genetic nor related to exposure of radiation, chemicals or other environmental factors. That leaves us with a big question mark.

How you can help!

However, with organizations like Love Your Melon, you can give back in a big way. By purchasing one of the adorable hats or other accessories, they give 50% of the profit to non-profits that work in the field of pediatric oncology. To date they have given over 4.5 million dollars and over 133,000 hats. This is definitely a statistic you want to be a part of!

So keep an eye on our feed for Molly and Haley because I’m sure their looks will be floor you… they both love and live fashion! Molly is a senior at Lynnfield High School who plans to attend college for a degree relating to fashion. Haley is 16 years old from Malden who succeeds in the cosmetology program at her high school.

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