As David Bowie put it… 

“Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.”

Red is taking the victory and spotlight from the color wheel this year, and this primary color has become a primary staple. It’s the color of passion, love and adventure. It’s symbolism arises from powerful associations of the past, and so of course, associates perfectly with powerful women in the present.

Here are some outfit inspiration and ideas of all the different ways to wear red.






There is something about red and white polka dots that sends out The Sound of Music vibes. With the cut of these ruby red pieces, the combination creates the cutest mix of a contemporary 1960’s style.










If you wanna rock this color like the celebrities do then here’s a hint… bold & head-to-toe. All you need is a pair of cherry red pumps and lipstick.





                           In The Details





A red bralette is the perfect staple piece because it can be bold or subtle depending on how you style it. Pair with neutrals or whites for a chic-boho vibe, or use this piece as part of a monochromatic look!








Offset the volume of this wide and bold sweater by wearing something tight on the bottom. Fitted jeans shouldn’t be too hard to find in a woman’s closet anyways!








Inspired by the American dream, spirited stars and stripes were seen at Calvin Klein, Monse and more for SS18. This Spring, mix in texture with your stripes by switching up fabrics, change up the direction in pattern, or choose a basic piece for a more subtle look!





Slay away LIT babes! xoxo

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