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Shoot Photos With LIT For A Cause

Shoot for a cause



It’s a photoshoot…


             ’s a photoshoot.



There’s no better babe than a #LITbabe who dedicates her time to raising awareness for those who cannot, and that’s just what Tyler D’Angelo has been doing these past couple of months leading up to the Tough Ruck Run on April 14th. Tyler isn’t just one of the best #LITbabes, she’s also and most importantly a US Army National Guard. So when LIT found out she was running in honor and in memory of fallen service members, police, firefighters, EMTs and raising money for military families in need, we knew we had to do our part in supporting our #LITbabe.


Check out how Tyler plans to carry a rucksack weighing 15+ lbs on a 26.2 mile course, how she plans to celebrate, and how you can support her too! Trust us, it’s going to be LIT and you don’t want to miss this!


LIT: At what moment did you know you wanted to support this cause?

Tyler: The moment I knew I wanted to support the cause was at drill with my fellow comrades. Our First Sergeant asked if we wanted to ruck for a good cause, and explained what the Tough  Ruck was all about. I’ve always known that my sole purpose in life was to help people and I knew this would be a great cause. Not only for them, but it would be a huge accomplishment for myself. I fractured two hips within the last 3 years and have been training hard to get better and stronger.


LIT: What are your expectations for this year?

Tyler: My expectations for this year are just to be better than I ever have. Everyday I’m getting better and wish to inspire people. You must find challenges and face them. Things will always be tough, but we must have the expectation to conquer.


LIT: How will you prepare before the race?

Tyler: My best friend Katrina and I have been training by rucking once a week, eating healthy, and working out regularly. With my tight schedule it is often hard to find the time, but there cannot be any excuses as to why I didn’t work hard enough. As the time gets closer to do the ruck, I will start to train more intensely.


LIT: What do you wish to gain from this experience?

Tyler: I wish to gain more confidence in myself, to encourage others, and to only gain more experience in marathons. Hopefully, we can raise a lot for everyone in need!


LIT: How will you celebrate after?

Tyler: Hmmm, probably a great dinner and a few beers with my friends!


But before you join Tyler, LIT and all our other #LITBabes in cheering on and celebrating the Tough Ruck Run, we have put together one last party to raise awareness for this cause and money for these families that so desperately need it. On Saturday March 10th from 10AM to 5PM, you’ll find us in the North End… we’ll be the ones with the music blasting and the cameras snapping! As you make a donation, LIT will have a professional grade backdrop, camera and photographer to snap a headshot and fully styled outfit photo of you as you step out of the dressing room in LIT attire. These will be professionally edited–VOGUE style–and sent to you for a fire Insta post… or LinkedIn profile pic. Totally up to you. In addition, when you do make a donation and a purchase from LIT, you will be automatically entered to win the #LITESSENTIALSPACK. In here you’ll find a gold S’well, Quay sunglasses and a rose gold clutch bag… slay! Oh, and LIT will take 10% of purchases of those who donated and give back to the Tough Ruck Run as well! Seriously, our #LITbabes are dedicated to us, so we’re dedicated to them and what they’re passionate about.


So we’ll see you on March 10th for a crazy good time and again on April 14th to cheer on Tyler, but before we go Tyler wants you to know, “ I truly want to thank you so much. These families deserve the absolute world and I can’t thank you enough for your support!”

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