Summer SOS? Our Warehouse Sale Is The Answer.

The Dilemma:

We know you’re going through a transition in your life with the seasons changing, and transitions can be tough. We also know what’s going through your mind because it’s going through all our minds: “I have no summer clothes, I need to go shopping… but wait, I just bought a flight for my upcoming vacation, I can’t spend money now! And I can’t wait either! I can’t walk around in these heavy jeans and fall colors for much longer… I’ll melt.” Or if you’re like me with an iron deficiency you’ll think, “I’ll faint.”

The only BS you need in your life is bags and shoes.

The Solution:

So, join us at the annual Market Square Day street festival in Portsmouth, NH on June 9th. There you can find food, live music and entertainment, artisan booths, LIT sales and no BS. A little bit of deal deets we heard through the grapevine: jewelry for $3, clothing for $10 + $20, and shoes for $25. And if you’re afraid of missing the good stuff, well then come sooner! We turned our Market Square Day sale into a week, starting June 1st and ending June 10th.

So next time you’re having an SOS moment, don’t think “save our souls.” Think: “staples on sale.” ‘Cause #LITbabes don’t give up on shopping, we’re not quitters. We’re forward thinkers. We buy what we want, while still having money left over for a glass of rosé.

Some of our favorite summer staple pieces include but are not subjected to those below…

Flicker Mini Dress Red Floral

Make Me Up Bodysuit Ivory                         Make Me Up Bodysuit Red

Logan Romper White

Knit Bandeau Dusty Pink

Joaquin Slide EcruStud



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