The Best Festival Staples

It’s officially festival season.

Coachella has officially kicked off festival season, so it’s time to keep those trendy party-going pieces in the back of your mind. And if you aren’t familiar with Coachella well we’ll sum it up for you:

Coachella [ko-chell-uh] is one big oasis of art. From visual arts to a variety of musical talent… it’s a place of influence, eccentric culture and creative energy: where the right-brain dominated individuals thrive.

Part of festival fun is letting your outfits of self-expression run wild, but it’s also crucial to consider outliers that will effect your experience. Comfort is key, so make power moves when choosing your fits! Check out these staple items to consider when festival shopping this season…


Pictured: Kiki Kimono

Kimonos are perfect for the day to night transition. They’re not too heavy for daytime but still add a nice layer when the sun goes down.


Pictured: The Stahl Hat

Not only do they protect you from the sun, but a fedora will complete all your chill indie vibes.

Denim Shorts + Bodysuits

Pictured: HAHT Bodysuit, Green Machine Jacket, Bandits Shorts

Denim shorts are a great festival staple in terms of comfort and various outfit options. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any Marilyn Monroe moments when you’re getting groovy wid it. Like denim shorts, a solid-colored bodysuit allows you to get creative and play your outfit up! Body chains, fishnets, fuzzy rainbow glittered antenna headbands… whatever tickles your fancy.


Pictured: Run Away Sunglasses

This staple goes without saying. But why not a pair of narrow cat eye sunnies! Cause some trouble and RUN AWAY.

Light Denim Jacket

Pictured: Sivan Denim

A soft denim jacket with a relaxed fit are all the ultimate vintage-inspired festival vibes. This is a good festival piece for those in slightly colder climates.


Pictured: Tessey Bootie

Comfortable, close-toed shoes are absolutely the move. Save yourself the frustration of getting your piggy wiggy’s stepped on, there are too many cute boot options to ignore for that.

Two-Piece Sets

Pictured: Darla Top, Darla Skirt

Whether you’re feeling flirty & feminine, or street & chic.. go for a two-piece set that takes the edge off of some of your planning!

Dance the summer days & nights away #LITbabes! & don’t forget to tag us so we can check out how you style your LIT fit xoxo

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